Why Coronavirus Was Declared As A Pandemic And Not An Epidemic?

When the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic crisis there was confusion among people. People were so used to the term epidemic or outbreak, which is used to define an out of control public health situation. According to the epidemiologist viewpoint, the epidemic term means better control over public health and thus prevents the spread of the disease.

The epidemic can fall short in defining the problem scale or disease progression. It is a sudden outbreak of disease that often escalates in a specific community, or geographic location or many countries. On the other hand, a pandemic is a kind of epidemic that shakes the entire world.

The 20th century is witnessing COVID-19 havoc that everyone is trying to gain an insight into what is the difference between epidemic and pandemic. People are also looking for guidelines on how to keep themselves safe and protected like washing hands thoroughly, maintaining social distancing, never shake hands, and wear masks in public.

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What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is the latest version that belongs to a common cold or SARS family. The virus was identified in the last month of 2019. It spread from bodily fluids contact, so the virus is placed under severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 [SARS -CoV-2]. Thus, it got its name COVID-19.

Coronavirus infection spreads directly when an infected person coughs or sneezes without covering their mouth. It can spread indirectly when droplets expelled via sneeze or cough fall on the surface. A person unintentionally touches the surface and then touches their eyes, mouth, or nose. Therefore, it is wise not to touch your face before washing your hands thoroughly.

How does an epidemic turn into a pandemic?

Some of the features of epidemics vs. pandemics to consider –

  • In simple words, an epidemic turns into a pandemic when the spread is across a wide geographical location. It starts to infect a huge percentage of the overall public.
  • Pandemics are often caused by dominant diseases or new viruses.
  • In pandemics, people with no or less immunity get affected because of the new virus spread.
  • Pandemics cause more deaths than epidemics.
  • Pandemic results in situations like economic loss or social disruption.

Coronavirus is a new virus that has been spreading like fire efficiently across worldwide countries. It has proved all the above points’ right. No treatment or vaccine can help to prevent it but containing its extent is essential.

The WHO declared COVID-19 to be pandemic to make the government and public extra cautious. The word triggered greater panic and emergency-grade response in every country on the state and local levels.

For example, work from home, video-conferencing, cancelation of public events, shutting schools down, etc. were the steps taken to restrict personal interaction. There was also a phase of total lockdown for several weeks to contain the spread. Get to know the best practices in fighting this pandemic COVID-19 situation!

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