Which Procedures Can Help You Achieve The Body Shape That You Desire

Setting goals for your new body look can be overwhelming. With less time these days, it is hard to keep track of a good diet and exercises. Some people get to the point of an improved lifestyle, but they seem to be helpless with the fat tissue on some body parts. No matter what is the situation with you, if you have overage amounts of the fat tissue, these procedures will make some changes.

Coolsculpting, the fat reducing procedure

Coolsculpting procedure is one of the newest procedures that is designed to affect the fat tissue in a certain way. Fat cells cannot function when they are exposed to a certain low temperature. So, medicine has taken advantage of this discovery and made the treatment that we know as the coolsculpting.

Fat cells can be affected by the low temperature due to they lose their function

Because fat cells freeze faster than others, during this procedure the rest of the tissue is not affected. The first step will be applying the gel on the area that is going to be treated, and then the coolsculpting device is put on the skin. The treatment is not painful, most people don’t feel anything, but some of them report the cold sensation.

Coolsculpting is one of the most affordable ones when it comes to fat-reducing procedures. Prices vary depending on the city and country, and if you are looking to do this procedure in Australia, the coolsculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is here for you with a good offer.


Liposuction is something quite different from the coolsculpting. It is a surgical procedure that requires anesthetics. Because of that, there is certain preparation for the surgery. The doctor will ask you about your health and do some tests, while he makes the plan of the treatment. The liposuction templestowe by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne will give you the insight of how the procedure looks like.

The main goal of this procedure is to remove the fat tissue from the areas that you wish to change. The surgeon will make an incision, through which he will remove the fat. Those incisions are quite small, but the body has to manage these big changes, so it needs some time to recover. This period usually lasts for a few weeks, depending on the area that has been treated.

Liposuction is the fastest way to lose fat

Your doctor will guide you through the recovery, and it will be required to take it easy at the beginning and to rest. It is most likely that you will have some of the side effects such as bruises, pain and swollen treated area, but your doctor will advise you how to deal with these changes.

Final word

These two procedures have a similar goal but the results and recovery period are different. With coolsculpting, you don’t have the recovery period, but it reduces a smaller amount of the fat tissue while the liposuction is totally opposite.

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