Treating Musculoskeletal Disorders

According to the AAOS, (American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons) over 900 billion dollars is spent yearly on the treatment of orthopedic diseases. More than 130 million visits to a physician were due to musculoskeletal disorders. As progress is made in medical technology and equipment so more and more options are available on the market to help, moving from the simple knee brace to something a lot more complicated. Here is a look at the types of orthopedic medical equipment and how to find them.

Orthopedic medical equipment types

Orthopedic medical supplies and equipment are specifically designed to help disorders with issues, pain, contracture in muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves, and bones. Some have to be fitted so that they properly meet the patient’s medical needs. All equipment should be found from reputable companies and stores. If you are looking for medical equipment Cypress there are various types of supplies including;

  • Mats filled with foam
  • Equipment for exercise including the shoulder ladder, pedal exerciser, treadmill, exercise skates, and band cap
  • Packs, both cold and hot, to help with bone therapy
  • Staircases that can be adjusted in height
  • Leg, arm, heel and elbow protectors
  • Heating pads
  • Massagers
  • Bandages
  • A knee brace or a brace for another joint, belts and splints

Finding good orthopedic medical equipment

When patients do not use medical equipment correctly or it is the wrong size or not working properly it can make a problem a lot worse. Some places claim to sell genuine and professional medical equipment, when in fact their supplies are average at best. Here are some tips to find a good supply and equipment store or company in your area.

  1. Talk to your doctor – Often doctors will have treated many patients before you for the same or a similar condition so they will be able to tell you of a medical store nearby, or of a company they particularly recommend.
  2. Do some research online – Doing a search using your search engine is a great way to look for local options. Type ‘medical equipment Cypress’ or something similar and have a look at what comes up. Search engines rank listings from most relevant at the top of the first page to less so the further down the list the site is placed. While you are online you can also use it to read reviews of the product you need and check out any independent review sites too.
  3. Talk to people you know – If you are a part of a support group, have friends or family that have a similar need, they may have a recommendation for you.


When you consider that it is possible that as many as one in six people in the US have an orthopedic disorder, the equipment and supplies used for their care must be as good as it can be.

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