Top 9 Major Benefits of Senior Home Care

Seniors are Happier at Home

As we age, we can all use a bit of help, especially if you live in a single household without any other family members. No matter if you are recently retired, had an operation, have an ongoing medical condition or just require some help getting around the way you used to, help is here with senior home care.

Here are the 9 Major Benefits of Senior Home Care

Finding help for yourself or for an elderly family member within home care is a great idea for many reasons. The senior citizen will be comfortable, have personalized one on one care, maintain their independence, have customized care, peace of mind, a reduced financial burden and no strict schedules. In home care for seniors is becoming very popular and those receiving this type of care name all of the benefits to others.

Maintain the Comfort of Home

The very top of the list cited by seniors is that they are able to remain in their own home where they have most likely lived most of their adult life. This makes for familiar surroundings on a day-to-day basis instead of moving to an assisted living facility, which can be quite scary at a tender old age. Your own home is what you made of it and it is the most comfortable area possible. You get to sleep in your own bed that you chose, relax and watch TV while sitting on your own sofa and it’s your home so you can make your own rules. After working hard for many years and making your home exactly the way you prefer, the last thing you would want to do is to give it up and in home care ensures you can stay in the comforts of your own home and also get all the help you need and any treatment you should need in your own environment.

Personalized One On One Care

When you choose senior home care, you will get the undivided attention of your caregiver. You won’t have to ring a button and wait for a nurse to attend to your needs as you would in an assisted living facility. This plan makes certain that you get all the care you need for the best and quickest assistance. In addition, no other patients or distractions will interrupt your care or schedule with your dedicated outstanding in home caregiver. This gives you the best care possible with the best value for your money.

You Get to Maintain Your Independence

All senior citizens have a great sense of pride, as they should. They have worked hard in their entire life for the items they have now and they should be able to enjoy them as such. Even in a case where a senior requires a bit of assistance they are most comfortable in their own home. Knowing that they can live in their own home and on their own allows them to maintain their independence and will give them the confidence knowing that they can do this. An in home care provider can allow a senior to still do the things they want and are able to do on their own, while getting the help they need, all in the comfort of their home.

Customized Care to The Specific Needs

Another great benefit to in home care for seniors is that the services and care are customized to meet the senior’s exact and unique needs. If you have medical needs, your doctor will collaborate with the home health team and list out the exact items that you need and how often. This can include physical therapy on an on-going schedule or after a surgery to gain back your mobility. Caretakers can be utilized in many different frequencies, such as live in care, full time care, part time care and occasional care. If you have certain health conditions and needs, a home health agency has specialized care to meet all of those needs no matter what they are. You can get help with your medications, recovery from any medical procedure, meal preparation, personal grooming, dressing and bathing, household chores or running errands for you. All of these services are covered so you get the exact help that you need in your home environment.

Peace of Mind

Elderly people have complete peace of mind knowing that they will get all the help they need to stay independent and live on their own. It also provides their loved ones with peace of mind knowing that they can get help anytime they need it and they only need to make a phone call to the agency if they need something additional or have questions. Most home health agencies have RN’s on call 24/7 to address any concerns of a patient and put their mind at ease, while sending emergency care if need be. With busy work schedules, kids and everyday life, it is very difficult for family members to be there all the time with their elderly parents. In-home care takes the burden off of the family members and ensures that the seniors have access to reliable as well as high quality care at all times.

Reduced Financial Burden

Seniors live on a budget from social security and possibly some savings or a retirement plan. It can be a financial worry when they age as to what they will do for help that is needed. The limited budget makes it difficult for them to afford the high cost of assisted living homes or a retirement home and in doing so they will most likely need to sell their family home to stay in such places. Senior home cares many benefits will help to reduce the financial burden since you can get care to your specific needs and on your monthly budget. If a senior who just requires a bit of help wants to enlist in home care for only one day per week and that works with their finances, then home health care is the perfect decision.

No Strict Timelines or Schedules

Another great benefit is that a senior with home care doesn’t have to stick to a strict timeline or schedule as they would in a facility. They will need to schedule the times for the caregiver to come to the home and they have the flexibility to choose the dates and times that work best for them. A senior or family member can also change their care schedule or make adjustments to it should their circumstances change.

Better and Lasting Health

Senior home care is shown to have great benefits to seniors with an acute or chronic illness. It is critical that these elderly people receive appropriate nutrition, rest, medication and medical supervision. Many seniors find that they will live better and more healthier lives. It improves the patient’s ability to walk or move around through help and physical therapy, Home care helps to teach seniors to get in and out of bed more easily and have less pain when moving around. This in turn helps bladder control, helps the person to get assistance and better at their own personal hygiene, such as bathing, brushing their teeth, getting dressed and shaving on their own. In home care is also shown to help seniors become short of breath less often and require less urgent unplanned medical care in general.

Provides Companionship

Studies show that people that live at home with chronic illness or disability are quite often depressed. The companionship of having personal care can provide invaluable service to any senior even if they are quite healthy and just need someone to visit with. They may play a game of cards or dominoes, read a book, or watch a favorite TV show with the patient while enjoying a great home cooked meal of their favorite foods. When a household becomes quiet with no more hustle and bustle of children and pets, it becomes a very lonely place for a senior and home health does help tremendously in this case.

Senior home care has many benefits for all elderly people that live alone but still want to be as independent as possible while remaining in their family home. No matter what type of needs your senior family member needs, they can be met through a home care agency.


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