Tired Of Foot And Back Pains? Get Help From Experienced Podiatrist and Chiropractor

A chiropractor treats spinal diseases by exposing the affected areas with his hands. Also, his help may be required for diseases of the internal organs and during the recovery period after injuries.

Improper medical actions can cause a sharp deterioration in the condition. Therefore only qualified medical specialists who have received specialized training and have a valid certificate in the relevant specialty can engage in manual therapy. You can, therefore, find the best chiropractor in Mortdale who has the needed knowledge and will carry out the procedure effectively.

Appointment with a chiropractor

At the initial appointment, the doctor collects an anamnesis and performs a thorough examination of the patient. A general review of the patient is mandatory, and first of all, the state of the cardiovascular system and internal organs are assessed.

After this, an orthopedic examination is performed in a standing and lying position. Based on the results of the test, the doctor reveals the presence of changes in the anatomical structure and functional disorders.

Based on all the data obtained, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan: choose the methods of exposure, determine the duration of the course, the number, and frequency of sessions. During treatment, the initial plan may be adjusted if necessary.

Techniques used in manual therapy


Initially, the so-called rigid technique was mainly used in manual therapy, that is, a direct effect on the spine using mechanical pressure on the vertebrae and ligaments. This method is also called chiropractic, or the technique of short leverage. This technique can cause quite unpleasant sensations, and at the dawn of the existence of manual therapy, it often also led to various complications.

However, now classical manual therapy, performed by an experienced specialist, can bring the patient quick relief from pain. And eliminate the anatomical disorders caused by the disease: displacement and protrusion of the vertebrae, pinching of nerves and blood vessels, etc.

The main causes of the disease of the foot are:

  1. The presence of various chronic diseases. Often, foot treatment is carried out as part of the comprehensive rehabilitation of the patient. Diseases of the legs often arise due to other pathologies
  2. Age-related changes in bones and tissues
  3. Congenital pathologies of the development of the foot (deformation);
  4. Wearing uncomfortable shoes (shoes of the wrong size, narrowed, too small or too large shoes, high heels)
  5. Excessive load on the legs. In this case, athletes, artists, and all those whose activities are associated with the need for an extended stay “on their feet” are forced to turn to specialists

The podiatrist can determine the cause of the ailment based on the patient’s history. In complex cases, visits to specialized specialists and additional diagnostic tests may be indicated.

It is essential to know that foot treatment is usually carried out with an untimely visit to the podiatrist. You can avoid many problems with your legs if you regularly undergo a preventive examination. A podiatrist in Mortdale will help ensure proper regular foot care, select the right shoes and corrective insoles, talk about proper foot hygiene, and much more.

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