The Hidden Dangers of Poor Blood Circulation

The circulatory system has the task of supplying oxygen to various parts of the body -to the organs and tissues. If the circulation system is not working properly then thee blood will not reach out to many parts of the body thus these areas will be deprived of oxygen and other vital nutrients required functioning properly. The circulations can go wrong due to numerous reasons including blood clots, peripheral artery disease, diabetes, etc. The poor blood does have a negative effect on different parts of the body including the arms and legs.

This can give rise to several difficulties and many of these can also be very life-threatening.

Symptoms of poor circulation

High blood pressure is a silent disease that happens way before the symptoms show up. Why does blood pressure increase? This is because the blood is not able to pass easily through the arteries that reduce a long time back before you can notice its symptoms.

You may also feel numbness or tingling in your legs that may feel like a pin needle pricking into the skin generally during a long day that was physically exhausting.

Here are some other symptoms that may show up when you are suffering from poor blood circulation

  1. Cold hand and feet
  2. Tingling and loss of sensation in arms and/or legs
  3. Blotching of the skin.
  4. Swelling around the leg and/or the foot area.

Why do you suffer from poor blood circulation?

There can be various theories behind this particular concept of irregular blood circulation but the most eminent ones are blood clots or plaque buildup in the arteries due to the consumption of heavy fat food. The plaque buildup in the arteries can be the cause of peripheral artery disease that damages the blood vessels of the legs.

Dangers of Poor Blood Circulation

If the part of the body does not get the blood supply properly then small wounds can eventually turn into very large ulcers. When the blood does not flow properly to the damaged parts of the body, the white blood cells or the antibodies present in the blood do not reach the wound and repair it. This also means if the wound has become an ulcer due to the poor blood flow, the situation can become worse than ever if nothing is done to improve the blood circulation around the body.

How can you get your blood pumping back to normal?

Exercise regularly to regulate your metabolism and also increase the capacity of the heart to pump more blood around the body (cardio exercises). The Halo Health offers different types of equipment and medicines that you can use to bring the blood circulator back to normal. Use them to make sure you achieve the required pressure, cholesterol and sugar levels so that you can eliminate the necessity to visit a cardio specialist in the future.

Final Word

After analyzing the various aspects of the poor blood circulation, it can be concluded that living on with the condition can be dangerous for you and hard for your loved ones as well. If you want to stay healthy and fit, first and foremost you must make sure that your nearest specialist as soon as possible and get the guideline on how can you clean the pathways in your body so that the blood can flow seamlessly.

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