Some Interesting and Surprising Facts That Are Significant To Hearing Loss

As per the February 2013 research of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), around 360 million people around the world suffer from disabling hearing loss. Age-related hearing loss is common for people aged between 65 to 75 years and the problem is acute with the people beyond the age of 75 years. Often, hearing loss is neglected or ignored and people with hearing loss or developing hearing loss try to find ways to cope with hearing problems and get accustomed to it. However, hearing loss over the period can have serious consequences affecting the personal, social and occupational life of the victims of hearing loss eventually compelling them to live an excluded life. Therefore, it is essential to respond to early signs and symptom of hearing loss and seek the assistance of a doctor or competent professionals like Audiology Centre West for appropriate hearing loss solutions and medications or improvements.

Around 12% of people in the US out of the total population which account 38 million Americans have significant hearing loss as per the study of Centre for Hearing and Communication. Similarly, the WHO says that one in every three people over the age of 65 years suffer from hearing loss around the world whereas only in the US 50 million people experience tinnitus as claimed by the American Tinnitus Association. Out of these 50 million, 16 million people have serious tinnitus that requires medical attention. Eventually, two million people from these 16 million lot suffer tinnitus so severely that they cannot live a normal day-to-day life.

Amazingly, 32 million victims of hearing loss across the world are children under the age of 15 as revealed by WHO. When hearing problems begins people generally get confused and do not know what is happening with them. Often, the hearing problem of a person is identified by his or her family members or friends and not by the victim. The victim happens to be the last person to know he or she has the hearing loss problem. As per the research of the Centre for Hearing and Communication, persons with hearing loss wait for an average of 7 years before they seek assistance.

After the factor of age, the noise is the leading factor for hearing loss as claimed by many sources. As per a 12 year-long study carried out by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine department of neurology, if hearing loss is not treated appropriately in time it may have the risk of dementia.

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