Signs that You May Have Nail Fungal Infection

It could take some time before realising that you have nail fungal infection. You will barely see the problem at first. There might be an aching feeling, but it’s easy for you to ignore the problem. However, once you see one or more of these signs, it means that you already have a nail fungal infection.

Discolouration of nails

Your nails might start to turn yellow, black or green. Unless it’s a result of an injury, it’s probably due to fungal infection. The colour changes become more visible by the day.

Thickening of the nails

Another sign is that your nails might start to thicken or even distort. The shape becomes unusual or the growth isn’t similar to the rest of your nails. Eventually, it becomes difficult to trim.

Discomfort and pain

As you start walking, it might become more difficult. It’s true especially when you place pressure on the affected toe. If you feel throbbing pain, it’s a sign that you have a fungal infection.

Brittle and crumbly nails

Even if there’s no discolouration, it’s still possible for you to have fungal nail infection if they look brittle. The nails might even break off completely from the skin. The problem gets worse over time.

Itching in the affected area

You can also notice that the affected area starts to itch or get swollen. It could mean many things, but if you have already seen the other signs, it probably points to a fungal infection.

Avoid fungal nail infection

Various factors lead to fungal nail infection. Moist feet could be the primary reason. When you immediately wear your socks after bathing, it becomes a problem. Another source is when you walk around barefoot outdoors. The infection will easily spread if you head to communal places like shower and locker rooms.

You can also avoid fungal infection by keeping your socks and shoes clean all the time. Don’t borrow the footwear of anyone you know especially if you’re uncertain about their hygiene.

Fungal infection may also be a result of a weakened immune system. When you have diabetes and other heart diseases, you will increase the risk of having a fungal infection. Therefore, you need to change your lifestyle and find a way to boost your immune system. Choose the right kinds of food to eat and get enough rest.

Treating the problem

The good thing is that you can solve the problem using various methods. One of them is the use of antifungal nail paint. It’s easy to apply and it won’t cause irritation or discomfort. You may also prepare the antifungal mixture at home if you don’t want to use chemicals for treatment.

Don’t worry about having fungal infections because they will soon go away. They also don’t pose other complications, unless you already have a weakened immune system in the first place. You have to stay clean all the time if you want to avoid facing these problems again in the future.


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