Shopping For Prescription Glasses

While having 20/20 vision for life is a nice thought, it’s rarely the case for many people. As we age, our eyesight tends to fail a little and we need to start wearing prescription glasses.

You may have excellent vision your whole life until you reach your late 30s or early 40s which is when people start to notice a change in vision. This change could simply be due to age or it could be due to other health issues such as vitamin deficiency or diabetes. The first thing you may notice is that it’s hard to see things close up or at a distance. You may also notice things are blurry.

If you start to notice changes in your vision, it’s important to see an eye doctor as soon as possible to rule out any serious issues. At the doctor’s office, you will go through a series of vision tests to find out what is going on. If he or she determines nothing serious is going on but you need to start wearing prescription glasses, you will be given a prescription that you will need to have with you while shopping for glasses.

Your doctor will tell you what type of glasses are suitable for your vision loss. You will be either nearsighted or farsighted or you may have a combination of both which required the use of bifocals. If your vision loss is very subtle, you may only need reading glasses.

Once you have your prescription in hand and have asked all the necessary questions of your doctor, you are ready to go shopping. The first thing you should do is some research online to get an idea of what glasses are available and what style you would like. If you prefer to shop online, you can buy glasses over the internet but it might be best to try in-store first.

Do a search for eyeglass stores in your city or town and visit every single one to see what they have available. Make a note of anything you like and continue shopping around until you have at least several options to choose from. When choosing a pair, take several things into consideration including:

  • price
  • style
  • how high your prescription is
  • what add-ons you would like to go along with them
  • the style
  • the size

Take a friend along to get a second opinion and get help from the trained staff who known how glasses are supposed to fit and which styles look best. It’s possible that the glasses you really want are not suitable for your prescription but they will provide recommendations on that case.

Another consideration is sunglasses. If your eyes have changed, you will need to be able to see while driving in bright conditions as well so you may want to consider getting a second pair of sunglasses. Many stores offer a two-for-one offer that allows shoppers to purchase a regular pair of prescription glasses along with prescription sunglasses. Most stores also offer many other accessories such as cases, attachable sun lenses and coatings.

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