Is Your Dentist A Specialist Or Generalist?

Dental specialists aren’t your everyday go-to dental services provider. The dentist you visit every time you have oral problem is a general dentist. Generalists are qualified to offer routine dental examinations, root canals, preventive care, fitting of veneers, crowns, bridges, and fillings. As for dental specialists, they’re specialist experts who have done and completed post-graduate training to offer services in a chosen dental-related specialty.  Dental specialists go by names such as oral surgeons, endodontists, podiatrists, and orthodontists. Before you select a dental clinic in Sydney, know the kind of team will attend to your oral problems.

Can a General Dentist Perform Specialist Procedures?

General dentists have extensive skills and knowledge of almost all dental specialties. They can perform practically all specialty procedures provided they have the right tools and supplies. However, in some other instances general dentists will refer patients to dental specialists. They will often do so when the procedures in question are more complex, or the health condition of the patient warrants professional attendance. You should always visit your general dentist first for prior examination and guidance.

Benefits of a General Dentist

Working with a general dentist comes with various benefits. These include;

  • Quality oral care and maintenance services
  • Professional attendance on all dental problems
  • Expert examination and treatment
  • Access to high-end dental products and services
  • Available always and whenever

Benefits of a Dental Specialist

A dental specialist is highly qualified and talented to offer specialized dental services. Working with one comes with many benefits.

  • High level of professionalism and expert in specialty areas
  • Specialists in their chosen specialists
  • Delivers high-end testing and treatment
  • Use the latest dental care equipment and supplies
  • Deliver to the expectations of different customers

Which among the Two Is Always the perfect Choice

Dental specialists are rare, unlike dental generalists. Finding one is always not easy. They’re more expensive since they provide specialized services. Whenever you are in the hunt for a dentist, always try settling for a generalist first. If your dental problems are too big to warrant a dental specialist, your general dentist won’t hesitate to refer you to the best specialists in town. A general dentist has expertise and knowledge to offer primary diagnosis and treatment services. They will attend to your unique needs and provide quality treatments. Also, they will refer you to the best specialists when the need arises.

When choosing a dental clinic in Sydney, look out for such things, such as the reputation of the clinic as well as the kind of team they have in place. It would be good you choose a clinic that has a specialist dentist in every dental specialty. It will make things easier for you and ensure you get quality care regardless of your dental condition.



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