Is plastic surgery still frowned upon?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty which is concerned mainly with reconstruction, alteration or enhancement of one’s human body all this is done to make someone happy about their body. There is a tremendous increase in number of the people undergoing plastic surgery due to various reasons especially among the celebrities who live in the public eye .This increase has led to exploration and evolution of Europe surgery greatly and due to technological advances have made it cheaper and with faster recovery time. But still there are some who take it negatively.

The topic on plastic surgery has attracted a lot of attention in the society today. People are driven by unrealistic expectations on beauty for everyone from both boys and girls to women and men. These expectations are hard and sometimes unrealistic to live with since; they tell us how we are supposed to be physically making us to be perceived mostly on our appearances rather than attributes. This wicked double standard in the society has led to growing awareness of plastic surgery and is partly responsible for the increased number of people altering their appearance through cosmetic procedure.

It is hard to live in world where people are not supposed to be imperfect. The biggest question is what are some of the reasons that are making people become interested in getting cosmetic surgery? With this concern People have indulged themselves into studies to come up with various reasons which include; body dissatisfaction where people are not really comfortable with how they look like and they think they would look nice, some have been involved in an accident others illness that altered their physical appearance, media influence, while others just want to do it because it is their body and it is no one’s business. Individuals with low self-esteem may be more than willing to have plastic surgery to improve their own self-perceptions, thus boosting their self-esteem.

Some of the reason’s plastic surgery is frown upon;

1. Not ethical

All in all plastic surgery is criticized by many people and those who undergo these procedures are perceived to have some moral issue. This is more from religious background which determines greatly people’s attitude towards people who undergo cosmetic surgery. Religious people strongly campaign against plastic surgery and teaches that people should be less concerned with outward appearance and that true beauty lies within an individual. Therefore, religion is a powerful determinant of one’s beliefs.

2. Waste of time and money

Some believe using money in cosmetic surgery is wasting money since some people spend a lot to change their appearances. Some argue that the same amount could be spent In other important things or causes like helping the needy.

3. Some plastic surgeries are dangerous

It is also believed that some of these procedures are dangerous especially for those people who use cheap ones. Then the procedures are done with people who are not medically trained and end up looking totally opposite of what they expected.

4. Fake

Others believe that these procedures are fake, and that beautiful people are supposed to be flawless naturally and without effort.

In conclusion, sometimes one feels bad since they cannot afford some of these procedures and feel that those who undergo them look better than them.

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