While looking for a new Dental Office Caledon there are certain questions that you should get an answer to before finalizing whether that dental office would be a perfect fit for you or not. Following are the top questions that you should raise when picking out a new dental office. 

Does the dentist keep themselves updated with the latest technology, techniques and procedures?

Always choose the dentist who keeps themselves involved in the recent advancements in the field and keeps updating their skills. You could ask about what kind of education does the dentist value and ask what kind of training and education he has provided for his staff. A progressive team will be able to provide the standard of care that you deserve. 

Are the standards of sterilization of instruments and disinfections of operatories met? 

When the process of sterilization is being carried out according to the standardized procedure or even better, then an office would have nothing to hide. To check if the standards are being met you could ask for a tour. The sterilization area should have either a chemiclave or an autoclave. There should be a designated separated labelled area for all the dirty and clean instruments and packaging to keep the sterilized instruments sterile until they are opened for use. Ensure that the office is also sterilizing the dental handpieces and disinfecting all surfaces. 

Does the office cater to the insurance companies or makes customized patient specific treatment plans?

The insurance companies’ main interest is always profit and they don’t usually have your best interest in mind. A good dental practice will assess what your needs are and will make a customized treatment plan which will serve you the best. They don’t let the insurance companies dictate the terms of your treatment. 

Does the office make an effort to explain everything?

Up till the recent past, the dentist would usually discuss the options in a matter of minutes, which often meant take it or not. Now as various treatment options are available, it doesn’t make sense any longer to sit in the dental chair and discuss the option. Most modern dental offices offer the services of a treatment coordinator. With extensive dental training, the treatment coordinator sits with you in a consult room and goes over your treatment plan. This is the perfect time to raise concerns and questions that you might have. A great treatment coordinator will be able to offer other options and make treatment plans which you are comfortable with.

Does the office respect your schedule?

Time is everything. A good practice will always start on time, stay on time and end on time. Though it is hard not to have unavoidable changes in the schedule, there will be exceptions rather than the rule. Offering appointment reminders and confirmations through emails and text is another way to respect your time. You should find out whether the office utilizes this new facility.

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