How to prevent your coil from burning?

Why your vape tastes burnt | …and how to prevent it

Imagine you’re vaping, and on one end, you get the swift flavor, and all of a sudden, you feel something burning. Wouldn’t that be odd? If you have experienced it, you are not the only one. Often people have struggled with the could be burnt b

You may feel the smoke going down your throat, but at the same time, the burnt flavor will disrupt your entire experience. So, you will always lookout for ways that can make your vaping experience. This usually happens if you don’t know how to use it. The burnt feeling of the coil may often leave you gasping for air. So, it is necessary that you take care of it properly.

Well, the good thing is that by taking small steps, you can always work towards preventing the coil from burning.

Why do coils get burnt?

Before finding out ways to avoid coil burning, it is necessary to understand how they get burnt. When you burn down the vape, the electricity will flow through the coil, and this becomes hot. The heat eventually leads to e-juice absorbing the entire heat, and the soaked wick turns into vapor. Since the juice initially absorbs the heat, the temperature of the coil doesn’t usually increase.

When the juice in the wick becomes a vapor, the wick becomes dry. Since there’s a lot of ejuice in your tank, every time it gets vaporized, the wick will get dried off a bit too. So, by the time you take one more puff, the wick is already soaked.

But once the juice finishes in the wick, the additional heat is absorbed by the coil itself, thereby leading to burning. With the constant increase in temperature of the coil, it will get burnt.

How to know your wick is burnt?

The taste is the first indication to understand if the coil is burnt or not. Depending on the degree of the burn, you will get a certain taste. Burnt coils are harmful, apart from producing a bad taste. Also, it is necessary to know that you will still get a burnt taste on replacing the burnt coil, which will later go away after a few puffs.

How to prevent the coil from burning?

Well, it is necessary that you take certain steps to prevent the coil from burning. Experts at Psychonaut have given out certain tips that can help you prevent the coil from burning.

  • Prime your coils
  • Refrain from chain vaping
  • Lower down the vape settings
  • Keep your vape tank filled
  • Use e-liquid with high levels of PG and fewer levels of sweetener
  • Keep the temperature-controlled

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