How to Grow Your Hair with Naturopathy – Naturally?

Many people want healthy and beautiful, long and strong hair. There is a myth that it is difficult to achieve one that grows quickly and naturally. This error provokes the use of powerful chemical agents. Most of them are for fast hair growth (not to mention the high cost of products). The naturopath in Toronto will give you some tips and tricks.

Aloe vera

This plant is well known for its benefits to the skin and body, and when it comes to hair – aloe vera keeps hair healthy, shiny and helps it grow. How to use it?

Cut off the stem, remove the clear gel, cut it into pieces and leave it in water overnight. Use it the next day to wash your hair. If you do this several times a week, you will notice positive results with your hair.


Potatoes are well known for being a nutrient-rich vegetable that you can take advantage of in the name of hair. How to do it? Just separate the potato peels, place them in boiling water, let the solution stand until the water has cooled. Then wash your hair as you normally would, but use this water for the last rinse. Perform the procedure two or three times a week and you will soon enjoy positive results.


Many people think that this method is not effective, but the egg is a source of important proteins for the body as well as a large amount of vitamins. Hair can benefit from all these benefits and grow faster. With this simple mask you will accelerate it.

Break several eggs, remove the yolks from the proteins and apply them as a hair mask, letting it stand for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair as usual. You will immediately notice a positive change in it. Do the procedure twice a week to get results in no time.

Olive oil

One of the biggest problems with hair is its dryness, which is sometimes caused by chemical products, environmental pollution and frequent overheating with hairdryers and presses. If you want your hair to look healthy and moisturized, pamper it with an olive oil mask every week.

Apply it on the hair and wrap it with a warm cloth. When the towel cools, release the hair, but allow the oil to work until the next day. This mask moisturizes the hair and will, over time, generate healthy growth.


This is a plant well known for its health benefits, it is also effective for hair. It is absorbed by the scalp follicles and helps improve blood flow to that part of the body. You can use onions in different ways:

Cut onions and add to shampoo. Use 3 or 4 times a week. This way you can strengthen the hair and it will grow faster.

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