How Michael Everest Partnered With Universities To Support Medical Education

Dr. Michael Everest, chairperson of the Everest Foundation and head of the Residents Medical Group is no stranger to philanthropy. Son of Dr. Edwin Everest, Dr. Arnold  Michael Everest heads the California-based Residents Medical Group which specializes in graduate medical education.

Philanthropic Work 

Residents Medical and the Everest Foundation have been actively participating in the promotion and support of medical graduate education in the US, particularly as it is delivered to international students. According to Michael Everest arrival of students in the US for medical graduate studies comes with major challenges, from lack of financial support to cultural challenges. As a firm, Residents  Medical aims to reduce these challenges by pairing students with the programs that are the most ideal for their career goals.

In 2013 Residents Medical Group through Dr. Everest donated $500,000  to the University of California Davis School of Medicine. This donation was earmarked for a fund supporting pathology training for international medical graduates, including Asian Indian medical graduates. With his  American-Indian ancestry, Dr. Everest has a personal interest in seeing that international medical graduates receive adequate support in the US universities that they enroll in. He also knows that while many medical schools in other countries offer excellent basic medical training, only a few offer international-caliber training and research experiences in pathology. This a gap that they hope to fill with this donation. 

Residents Medical through Dr.Everest also donated $1 million to establish the Edwin Everest Foundation Fund at the USC Keck School of Medicine. This fund is intended to support medical research programs for postdoctoral trainees in the Department of Medicine. This donation will fund the training and support of international medical graduates pursuing further education in the research and diagnostic fields. They chose the Keck School due to the special connection that Residents Medical has with the faculty there, as well as the fact that the school is developing a strong research arm that will benefit international medical graduates. Dr. Everest supported a Ph.D. student under the guidance of Dr. Uttam Sinha, and this relationship led to his subsequent support of the department. 

These donations are in keeping with the Foundation’s mission to support medical research, education, and innovation. Dr. Everest, like his father before him, is a staunch proponent of education as one of the primary movers of society. Medical education and the success of doctors is one that will benefit the entire world, which is why Residents Medical is dedicated to supporting new and aspiring doctors from all nationalities. They are doing this by providing professional career consulting and support in pairing international medical graduates with the best US schools, as well as supporting actual academic programs so they become better equipped to support international medical graduates. 

About Dr. Michael Everest 

Dr. Michael Everest is the head officer of the Everest Foundation, named after his father Dr. Edwin Everest. The Foundation aims to advance medical research and education through funding and support of graduates seeking careers in the diagnostic fields. Aside from the schools mentioned above, other beneficiaries of the foundation include  New York Medical School, University of Texas, Stanford University and Texas-Tech, among others. 

About Residents Medical 

Residents Medical provides support for international medical graduates seeing further training in the US. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Residents Medical offers services tailored to provide international students the right match in schools and medical programs that will provide the training, education, and employment opportunities to further their careers, whether in the US or in their home countries. It is headed by Dr. Arnold Michael Everest who serves as its president and chief executive officer.


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