Good Reasons to have Telephone Counselling

There is no doubt that in today’s modern era people are quite busy and have very little time to maintain their health. Gone are the days, when people waited in clinic or hospitals to be treated for their ailments. Today, you can get treated by contacting the doctor through phone. The same applies when it comes to mental health issues as well. Both the therapist and their client are equally benefitted by phone counselling sessions.

What exactly is phone counselling and how does it help the patient?

In simple terms, a phone conversion between the therapist and the patient related to solving the emotional issues of the patient is generally called telephone counselling. The patient usually will look forward to such therapy session due to many beneficial reasons.

  • They don’t have to waste time commuting to the doctor’s clinic. Often people shy away from attending the counselling session as it takes considerable time sometimes not convenient for them.
  • Most of the therapists ask their clients to call them anytime as preferable, thus clients are able to have counselling at their own free time.
  • Many people feel uncomfortable to speak their inner troubling thoughts while having face to face conversation. Phone counselling helps them to speak from their own comfortable zone and moreover they don’t need to face their counsellor.
  • The clients of the therapist don’t feel that their actions are judged by the counsellor. Thus, they are able to express their troubled thoughts more freely. The clients don’t feel shy or nervous to voice their grievance troubling them to lead good life. This kind of phone conversations helps even the therapist to clearly understand the causes of the mental illness troubling their patients.

This kind of positive support phone counselling helps patients to recover soon from their mental issues to lead a positive life.

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