Facts about Gastric Sleeve Surgery:

Facts about Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is also known as Gastric Sleeve Resection and Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Gastric Sleeve surgery helps patients in losing weight by decreasing hunger further reducing food intake. As Gastric Sleeve does not involve intestinal rerouting or food malabsorption many patients prefer this surgical option.

Below are a few facts on the popular weight loss surgery – the Gastric Sleeve:

1. Gastric Sleeve is Permanent:

Gastric Sleeve surgery is permanent and cannot be reversed. In this process, Bariatric surgeons remove up to 80% of the stomach, leaving only the slender tube or “sleeve” for the new stomach pouch. This results in hunger control due to the smaller pouch or “sleeve.”

2. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Can be done Laparoscopically:

When Gastric Sleeve surgery is being done laparoscopically it benefits in fewer incisions. Fewer incisions indicate less chance for infections and much quicker recovery time.

3. Hunger Producing Hormone-Ghrelin is Reduced:

The section of the stomach that is removed during the surgery is the section of the stomach which produces Ghrelin. Ghrelin creates the feeling of being hungry, thus less Ghrelin production indicates you will feel less hungry.

4. No Foreign Objects:

One of the benefits of Gastric Sleeve surgery over the Lap-Band surgery is that no foreign objects or mechanisms are used in the body.

5. Gastric Sleeve Surgery can be a “One-Stage” or “Two-Stage” Surgery:

In the past, Bariatric Surgeons used the Gastric Sleeve surgery as the first procedure of the two procedures from the “Two-Stage” operation. At a later period, surgeons did a second procedure called the Gastric Bypass or a Duodenal Switch Surgery.

6. Gastric Sleeve Surgery Patients Lose 80% of Excess Weight in 24 Months:

Research has shown that patients who undergo the stand-alone procedure generally lose about 60-80% of their excess weight in 2 years. Patients who feel their weight loss has not been sufficient can choose to have a second, malabsorptive weight loss procedure like Duodenal Switch surgery.

There are many more facts about gastric sleeve surgery other than a few mentioned above. Consult an expert bariatric surgeon to better understand about the gastric sleeve surgery.

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