Everything About E-Juice, Vape Juice, PGVG, You Need to Know

The e-juice or popularly know in different names such as e-liquid, vape juice etc. is a type of fluid which is used in electronic cigarettes and vaporisers that eventually creates the vapour. Many e-juice products contain nicotine but there are also vape juices which do not contain nicotine and it all depends upon personal preferences. The e-juice gets heated up by the vaporizer up to 200 and 400-degree Fahrenheit and turns into vapour which is then inhaled. The e-juice or vape juice is comprised of food-grade flavouring, water, zero nicotine or a preferred level of nicotine, and VG or Vegetable Glycerine or PG or Propylene Glycol. Get in touch with PGVG Labs e juice in order to avail the best and delicious e-juice for your healthy and preferred inhaling.

The food-grade flavouring that is used in the e-juice is the same flavouring which is used in our day-to-day foods. Ultimately, the food flavouring in the vape juice is not only safe for consumption but often considered as healthier and delicious. The PG or Propylene Glycol is an ingredient which is normally used in many e-juice basically because of distributing the food-grade flavouring equally and evenly in the entire liquid. The propylene glycol is mostly used in food colouring, vanilla extracts, and in different kinds of medicines.

On the other hand, the vegetable glycerine is a type of vegetable-based liquid which usually sweet and thick. The basic component in the e-juice or vape juice is the PG or VG which comprise almost 90% of the e-juice whereas the rest of the 10% is the food grade flavouring and the nicotine.

The lovers of e-juice or vape juice often debate on the PG or VG because the vaping community can be broadly divided into two basic groups with the people who prefer PG and the people who prefer VG. The PG lovers under-grade VG and the VG lovers debate that the VG is superior to the PG.

The basic difference between the VG and PG is that the PG is consequently thinner than the VG which ultimately makes it easier for absorbing because it easily passes through the cotton or wax on the atomizer. In addition to this, because of its thinness, it produces less residue on the atomizer and tank eventually giving a cleaner vaping experience. On the other hand, PG vape juice does not give any flavour at all. The people who favour PG, like PG because it gives similar throat heat experience as a cigarette. The VG is thicker than the PG and creates more residue and can reduce the lifespan of automizer. The VG e-juice is sweeter and produces thicker clouds of vapour which is the basic attraction for most VG users.   

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