Dr. Michael Everest Sponsoring Funding To Support IMG Pathology Training

Dr. Michael Everest is a renowned name. Much can be attributed to Michael Everest’s success as a professional, but what set him apart is that this American-Indian doctor is at the forefront of supporting charity drives for medical training centers and institutions. 

Building and Structuring Authority in Medical Science 

Michael Everest serves as the chairman, president, and CEO of the Resident Medical group in Los Angeles, a group that serves as an authority in the sciences of graduate medical education. Aside from being the head of Residents Medical Group, he chairs the Edwin Everest Foundation, named after his father, who himself was a strong promoter of supporting college programs and funding for medical studies and research. 

Michael continues with his father’s mission as his foundation is one of the main contributors to several educational and research programs. His father was one of the prime donors of his foundation, and today as the head of the foundation, Michael uses his equity to run his non-profit organization. 

A $500K Funding to Support IMG Pathology Training 

In his continuing efforts to support universities and colleges with advance training programs, Dr. Michael Everest has donated to the University of California at Davis School of Medicine Foundation five hundred thousand U.S. dollars. The purpose of the grant is to give the university the financial backing to launch a full pathology training department to teach the advanced sciences to the medical graduates. Everest has been following the university for some time. The university was offering many basic programs but lacked the resources to expand its research and teaching in pathology. So, the Everest foundation came in with the grant and hoped to give the university the leverage to launch full advance training programs to benefit the students. 

Through the funding, Everest hopes that they can cater to student relief as well by offering them stipends as they go for advance research and training programs. Ultimately the goal for the grant is to build better and more advanced courses that would create expert medical graduates.

Grants $1M to Keck School of Medicine

Dr. Michael Everest’s foundation’s sole objective is to give support to medical schools and research facilities. For this goal, they are active contributors and sponsors of medical research education projects. The foundation provided a generous gift of U.S. dollars One Million Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. The grant will come in trenches for over ten years. The first amount i.e., $162,500 disbursement, took place as the first trench. The purpose of the funding is to improve the quality of the research and give capital to the school to carry out advance studies and analysis. The school is using the fist payment to facilitate the Department of Otolaryngology, in their research on Head and Neck Surgery. The donation came as a relief for postdoctoral research fellow incorporating head and neck research at the Keck institute.

The grant will be a mainstay of help for all the analysis, education, and scholarly pursuits. It will give the Keck School a long-term assistance plan that would permit the school to carry out academic and medicinal investigation endeavors. Creating room for people to get in postdoctoral research programs will yield results as more professionals will emerge from the school. 

Michael and his foundation have set its standard to continue to focus on schools and colleges and check where they can deploy funding to support the medical science programs. His continuous efforts are helping students to pursue advanced medical courses and modernize their medical skills.


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