Dr. Michael Everest And Everest Foundation Continues To Be Part Of The Cure In Medical Research

Dr. Michael Everest is not a new name when it comes to participation in medical research and being ‘part of the cure’. Through the Everest Foundation, multiple students continue to benefit and transform the world into a better place. It’s not only about students. The foundation has, for the longest time, participated in philanthropic deeds, which everybody appreciates.

The dream to start the non-profit organization came from Michael’s father, Edwin Everest, a doctor with a big vision. Dr. Edwin A.D. Everest passed on in 2008, and this was during this time that his son Michael actualized his father’s dream and vision through a foundation. His father was quite passionate about education, especially on support for international students and funding medical research.

As the Everest Foundation chair, Michael Everest’s support to young doctors cannot go unnoticed. As his father believed in young and fresh minds, the Foundation Fund comes in handy to ensure that young doctors acquire the basic research training to solve mental and physical issues of the society. Many tertiary institutions, especially the School of Medicine, have benefited immensely.

Dr. Michael Everest’s arrival in medical schools and association with heads of department across various universities and medical colleges has helped young research enthusiasts to reach greater educational heights. Many students lack the opportunity due to the lack of funding. With the foundation involvement, the students get equipped with necessary training, knowledge, and exposure to real-life scientific perspectives. 

The move has benefited Keck School of Medicine with $1 million, the University of California with $500,000, among other higher learning institutions. The funds come at a time when research, diagnosis, and medical training requires attention than never before. More so, graduates with particular projects get attention. Through an Everest Foundation Fund, the institution ensures that trainees get to benefit and acquire maximum support in the quest to get medical solutions.

In collaboration with Agata Everest, a medical doctor, Michael Everest’s banquet believes that there is a need to give more international students a chance to enjoy what Everest Foundation Fund has to offer. Whether it’s postdoctoral trainees, young doctors, volunteer researchers, or any young research enthusiast, the foundation gives you a chance to showcase their education and research prowess, while finding solutions.

With the many diseases trying to clear the world population, Dr. Michael Everest helps to funds exceptional cases that require pathological attention due to severity. In his words, Michael argues that funding projects to find solutions and better treatment approaches is one way to becoming a safe community. He adds that the protection of the future generation depends on how well the education sector gets ready for prompt measures.

While Edwin Everest Fund has transformed the healthcare research, Michael doesn’t stop there. His focus on the foundation banquet and giving guidance to graduates and medical students have seen research enthusiasts benefit immensely. Graduates and continuing students have a hard time making decisions, especially in specializing in health research. His years of involvement in medical council and engagement with international students and graduate makes him quite knowledgeable.

Dr. Everest’s arrow is to produce innovative young researchers with the capability to face and analyze a situation and develop a long-term solution. That echoes the family traditions that his father had. With Agata Everest and the foundation, he continues to shape the research space and ensure institutions produce research and community leaders of tomorrow.

It’s evident that Dr. Michael Everest’s dedication to bettering human lives through research is out of this world. He continues to give research projects in the medical space absolute attention impacting the healthcare positively, not forgetting his community philanthropic undertakings.


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