Does Your Dentist Know Everything About Your Overall Health?

A dental check-up can reveal more than just the teeth and the gum condition, and your dentist can trace out important clues of your overall health situations. If you are grinding your teeth at night and your tooth enamel is worn down, that is a symptom of your stress. Similarly, if you have swollen and receding gums, it may be an early sign of diabetes. The sores in your mouth which do not heal is a sign of oral cancer. Therefore, a dentist can predict many overall health problems and can advise you to go for certain tests or treatment which may be necessary for you. Some dentists get associated and work for hand in hand with your primary health care doctors. Eventually, you must never neglect your regular and routine dental check-up. Get associated with Oracare dental implants for your oral health as well as overall health improvement.

You may be thinking dentists are specialized on teeth they are more concerned about your teeth and have nothing to do with other matters. In fact, dentists are more concerned about overall health than the teeth because teeth health or oral health depends on the overall health condition. Unless and until your type 1 and type 2 diabetes are under control, your gum diseases will not be healed because of decreased abilities of your gum to fight the infections caused by the bacteria. On the other hand, diabetes patients with serious gum diseases find it more difficult to control blood sugar.

The early and first sign of oral cancer is red or white sore or spot in the mouth. It can appear in any part of your mouth like cheek lining, lips, tongue, gums etc. Initially, people do not notice this sore or spot because it starts as a very small spot under the tongue or back of the mouth, and they do not look like a symptom. But your dentist can typically detect this spot and advice you to go for cancer test. This is the reason you should go for a regular and routine oral check-up with your dentist for the reason that early detection of cancer can be treated successfully. You must also share your dentist about any pain or a lump or a sore or any numbness in your mouth that do not heal. Besides cancer and diabetes, stress and premature and low-weight births, and heart disease are also detected by the dentists.


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