Dates Promise You These 5 Surprising Benefits on Health

Royal medjool dates is also known as the King of dried fruits in many places. One of the best parts is that these are available all round the year and you may order these anytime. Medjool are special varieties of dates that are power packed and loaded with various health benefits. The pulp is filled to give you a mouthwatering taste and these are majorly grown in warmer regions of South Asia, Middle East, Africa, and US.

Majorly, the product is sold in dried form else it makes them sticky and soft to store. When dried, these dates also tend to taste sweeter as the sugar inside becomes concentrated to taste better.

Dates promise you these 5 surprising benefits on health:

  1. Energy:

Build your energy levels by consuming these delicious dates. Few numbers of dates consumed early morning can leave you energetic for the rest of the day. These are fat-free and don’t let you worry about fats or sugar levels. The sweetness is natural and causes no harm to health.

  1. Fiber:

Dates are rich in fiber. Containing 12% of fiber, these provide excellent source of energy to fight back digestive issues and cardio related health problems. People who consume it on a regular basis have shown improvement in their digestion process. You will find most health experts recommending you to include dates in your meals.

  1. Bones:

Too much workout can be bad for bones if you do not maintain a healthy diet. Dates can do magical wonders on your bones. These are loaded with copper, magnesium, selenium, and similar nutrients essential for bone health. Health experts have stated that medjool dates and some other varieties too have proven to prevent bone related illnesses like osteoporosis.

  1. Nervous system:

Dates help in building up the nervous system as these are packed with potassium and sodium both that are essential for a healthy nervous system. The potassium also helps build up reduce cholesterol and lessen the risk of heart attack.

  1. Digestion:

 Enjoy smooth digestive health with few dates soaked in water and consumed early morning. Their high fiber content helps in preventing issues like constipation and indigestion. It’s an old belief that most of the illnesses take birth due to improper digestive process. This, doctors recommend dates to consume every day.

Find out more about how you can intake medjool dates and the different ways to consume dates in your meals.

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