Dangers Of Buying Unsupervised Contact Lenses

Contact lenses must always be supervised by the optician-optometrist. Sometimes it is believed that, because no optical compensation is needed, cosmetic lenses do not have to be supervised by the optician-optometrist. And this is not so, but, even if the use is punctual, the fantasy lenses are not only an accessory. Contact lenses are always a medical device, so control by the vision professional is key to guarantee your safety. In addition, not all people are fit to be able to wear contact lenses even if their use is sporadic.We must bear in mind that each person has a different type of eye, so when you go to the optician, what type of lens is suitable for each case is evaluated and evaluated. Thus, the optician-optometrist performs a control of the cornea and a follow-up so that the use of the lenses is carried out safely. And, on the other hand, it also explains how to handle, preserve and how many hours contact lenses can be worn, taking into account the type of contact lens it is and the patient’s eye. So it is important not to take risks and be clear that, although fantasy contact lenses are easily available through the internet or unauthorized establishments, they do not have any health guarantee or specialized personnel with knowledge to recommend or sell cosmetic lenses. Here at kraff eye institute, we compiled a list of risks associated with buying contact lenses at unauthorised places

The Risks Of Contact Lenses At Unauthorized Points Of Sale

Among the dangers of acquiring contact lenses outside the usual channels are:

  • feeling dry and gritty in the eyes,
  • redness, irritation and pain when removing the lens.
  • conjunctivitis
  • inflammation of the cornea
  • allergies
  • corneal abrasion

Furthermore, since the optician-optometrist has not explained the correct guidelines for hygiene and handling, users worsen the symptoms due to ignorance and misuse of the lenses.

Recommendations For The Use Of Fantasy Lenses

  • Adaptation with the optician-optometrist: as we have mentioned, it is essential to go to the optician to carry out a personalized adaptation of the contact lenses, respecting the size of the eye and the lens itself.
  • Hygiene: It is important to wash and dry your hands well before handling contact lenses and using the prescribed maintenance liquid.
  • Use and duration: contact lenses have a specific use and duration that you must adhere to. You should not use the lenses for more hours or spend the period in which they are in an optimal state and never sleep with them.


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