Cosmetic technology and Freckle tattooing

If you think inked lips, eyelids and eyebrows are the latest trend in beauty tattoos, you would be wrong; instead, the latest cosmetic craze is tattooing freckles on the face for a natural, sun-kissed look.

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Cosmetic tattoos

Cosmetic tattooing has been carried out for years, with methods such as microblading for permanent eyebrows and lash tattoos to enhance the eyelashes taking this beauty trend to new heights.  Now, the newest trend for facial freckles appears to signal a move away from striving to attain a flawless complexion.  What the professionals normally do is get some volunteers to do Paid Medical Trials through sites like  where people can test these procedures out or other trials that are of high importance.
Freckles for all?

Natural moles and new freckles can be a sign of excess sun exposure; therefore, it may be that this new fad in beauty tattooing is aimed at younger women, on whom freckles can look cute and adorable even though they can be a sign of sun damage.  For the over 30s, excess freckles can be distracting from other beautiful facial features, such as the eyes.

Cosmetic technology

This cosmetic technology boom is not just for the face. From varicose vein treatment in Cheshire to plastic surgery in London, the desire to improve the look of our bodies and faces is ever increasing. Companies use minimally invasive new techniques to treat all types of varicose veins, with this type of treatment demonstrating the crossover between purely cosmetic and medical procedures.

Freckle tattoos

Freckle tattooing is currently rampant on social media. This cosmetic tattooing procedure uses a subtle pigment to apply dots to your face, with a few inky accents to make it look natural. This cosmetic procedure can be used to apply a sprinkling of freckles across your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose, or you can release your wild side and scatter chic spots all over your face. It can even be used to give your already-existing natural freckles a bolder appearance, helping them to stand out. You should always ensure you use a professional service and are aware of the health risks.


This is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that tends to last for around two years, with freckles fading subtly over time. For those who have applied faux makeup freckles in the past, this new technique will ensure you don’t sweat your spots off during exercise, on a hot day, or in the pool on holiday.

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