Citicoline Sodium- Most Important Nutrient for Healthy Brain

Citicoline Sodium (C­­14H25N4NaO­11P2), molecular weight 510.31 g/mol is a notational supplement and source choline and of cytidine with potential neuroprotective and nootropic activity. Choline is one of the essential elements for the proper functioning of the brain. Choline (C5H14NO+), molecular weight 104.17g/mol, is the basic ingredient of lecithin that is found in many florae and animal organs. It helps metabolism and lipid metabolism. Institute of Medicine (IOM) has accepted this chemical as a vital nutrient in the year 1998. Humans are able to produce it by trivial quantity by converting phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylcholine and need to supplement it for healthy brain functioning. The standard required level is 425mg per day for females and 550mg per day for males.


Choline is originator acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. This is one of the numerous neurotransmitters in the central nervous system required for the proper functioning of the brain. This element increases concentration and supporting awareness. The deficiency of acetylcholine leads to memory loss and depression. Diets consisting of eggs, milk, liver, and peanuts are enriched with choline. Lack of this nutrient can cause fatty liver and common liver damage.

Neuroprotective characteristics

Citicoline Sodium, also known as CDP choline, has neuroprotective characteristics. This attribute preserves neuronal structure and function. The compound is made of choline and cytidine. Choline aids in brain functioning, and cytidine gets functional when converted to uridine. Citicoline is presented in two major forms: Citicoline Sodium, which is used as prescribed medication for treating the neurological disorder, and the other form is a dietary supplement which is Citicoline free. This diet supplement improves neurological revival and relieves cognitive dysfunction. Cognitive dysfunction refers to a deficiency in attention, verbal /nonverbal learning, short term memory, visual, and auditory processing.

Citicoline was originated in Japan for treating stroke. Nowadays, it used as a composite of dietary supplements all over the world. The most common brand name of this dietary supplement Corazon. The best Nootropic Choline sources are Citicoline and Alpha –GPC. Citicoline Sodium powder is enriched with Citicoline. It is an essential element for the proper functioning of the brain. Eating foods and supplements which are enriched with Citicoline is important for brain development.


Citicoline Nootropic are used to cure many diseases like Alzheimer`s, head trauma, other types of dementia, cerebrovascular diseases like stroke, Parkinson’s disease, age-related memory loss, glaucoma, attention deficit hyperactive disorder(ADHD). Citicoline is believed to increase memory retain power, so it can remedy age-related memory loss. If your parents or other relatives are suffering from age-related memory loss, you can supplement their diet with Citicoline. The study reveals Citicoline helps patients to recover faster from strokes. If Citicoline is administered within 24 hours of the occurrence of stoke, the patient is likely to recover from it completely within a few months. This report is according to a study conducted at 21 US centers. The patients were treated with Citicoline Sodium salt within 24 hours after the attack of stroke, and the treatment continued for 12 weeks. Both 500mg and 2,000mg Citicoline group had shown considerable improvement in terms of the percentage of parents who have a positive result on the Barthel Index at 90 days.


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