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You have been on a long vacation, have eaten some of the best foods and have sipped on many glasses of wine. Now, you are bloated, have gained at least a few kilos, and don’t feel so great about yourself. What’s next? All you need is a summer cleanse. Contrary to popular belief, summer cleanse doesn’t have to be about juice diets or eating just liquids. You just need to boost your gut health and allow your body to cleanse itself. Brands like Global Glow even have liver-supporting supplements that can help in accelerating the process. In this quick guide, we have a summer cleanse that you just need to follow for five to seven days.

Reduce the following things from your diet

For cleansing your body from within, you have to keep a tab on what you eat, and certain foods are a complete no-no. Caffeine, for instance, is banned for the next week, and you have to cut down on alcohol, dairy products (if you can tolerate yogurt, it’s still okay as a probiotic), soy, sugars and sugary products, processed meats and red meat.

Know what to eat

There are a few foods that you can eat for your summer cleanse. The list includes some of the seasonal veggies, load up on the greens, fresh fruits, and go for grains that are free of gluten. Your best options include something brown rice or quinoa. Also, increase intake of good fats, from avocados, nuts and seeds. You can also include some extra virgin olive or coconut oil in the diet, besides lean sources of protein, including fish and chicken.

Change your lifestyle

A summer cleanse also means allowing your body to get back to its routine. At the least, go for a 30-minute workout session for next seven days of the walk. If you don’t have time for gym, even 30 minutes of walking is enough. You must also hydrate your body enough, so that kidneys can flush all the toxins. Try some of the natural & herbal teas if you like, and make sure that you are resting enough. You need at least 8 hours of good sleep every single day during your summer cleanse period. If you have the space and scope, meditate for at least 15 minutes each day, and it makes a huge difference.

Consider a few supplements and health products like matcha tea, liver supplements and herbal concoctions.

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