All About The Classic Tummy Tuck Procedure

Today, millions of people across the world are thinking about ways to enhance their looks and appearance. For many folks, getting rid of excess belly fat and tightening tummy muscles has become an ideal solution. According to statistics, around 129,753 tummy tucks were performed in the year 2017, and the numbers are increasing day by day. However, you need to get familiar with the ins and outs of the procedure to get the best results. Here’s all about the classic tummy tuck procedure.

Understand what exactly tummy tucks are

A tummy tuck, also called abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure aimed at reshaping and flattening your abdominal area. It does that by eliminating excess skin and fat in addition to tightening abdominal muscles. The end result of the procedure is a firmer, tighter abdomen.

What is a classic tummy tuck?

It’s a procedure that addresses the sections below and above the belly button, the full length of the abdominal wall. People who choose a classic tummy tuck wish to resolve excess skin and general roundness. During the procedure, one u-shaped or horizontal incision and possibly a second incision are done above the belly button and the pubic area to get rid of excess skin and tighten muscles. Classic tummy tucks present a much firmer abdomen with the most natural-looking outcome.

Learn the risks involved

Now that you know what a classic tummy tuck is, you should get familiar with the risks involved in this surgery. Some of the popular risks include bleeding, numbness, and prolonged swelling. You could also experience skin loss and discoloration after the procedure. Always discuss the risks with the surgeon and find out ways to curtail those risks for your betterment.

Assess whether you’re an ideal candidate

Before you opt for the surgery, you should figure out whether you’re an ideal candidate for the procedure. It’s likely that you want to opt for the surgery, but you may not be a good fit for the procedure. For these reasons, it’s best to check out whether you need a classic tummy tuck for your particular condition. So how do you figure out that?

If you lack abdominal tone, have a protruding belly, or stretched abdominal muscles, then abdominoplasty is a better choice for your situation. In case you’ve hanging, loose, sagging or excess belly skin, you can opt for this surgery. However, you need to be physically healthy and have a stable weight in order to be considered for a classic tummy tuck.

Choose the right surgeon

After knowing the ins and outs of the surgery, it’s time to assess multiple surgeons to pick the best one. Your friends, associates, and relatives might help you in completing your checklist of surgeons. Your family doctor is probably the best source of getting first-hand information about plastic surgeons. Doctors have links with other professionals in the medical field. As such, they’re in a much better position to recommend you the names of a few reliable surgeons like fort worth mommy makeover for the tummy tuck procedure.

You may also want to explore online sources to complete your checklist. Next, scan reviews and ratings about experts in your list. In line with user ratings, narrow down your list to a few surgeons that are highly endorsed and applauded for quality surgeries and reasonable pricing.

Schedule an appointment with each of these experts, and discuss the various treatment options and pricing. Evaluate the credentials, experience, and pricing policy of each surgeon minutely. Finally, choose the right surgeon that can perform an effective procedure for a well-toned abdomen.

Bottom line

Classic tummy tucks are the best option to attain a firmer belly and flat abdomen. Just figure out all about the classic tummy tuck procedure. That should help you in picking the right surgeon for your particular situation.

If you are thinking about getting this procedure done, we suggest taking a look at this classic tummy tuck Michigan has to offer.

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