Choosing a career path could be a daunting process as it will have an impact on the rest of your life. If you are passionate about dental health and do not want to spend too many years in a Dental School, then you should consider a career as a dental hygienist. You could enroll yourself in a Dental Hygienist School and get a degree. Here are six reasons why you should consider being a dental hygienist:

  1. Low unemployment rate:
    As per the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association (CDHA), the profession of a dental hygienist has an impressive unemployment rate of 2.1% as against the 6.5% national unemployment rate. 

Job security is crucial as it helps the employees settle into their career and be satisfied with their work and achieve long term goals.

  1. Fulfilling Work:
    Though monetary compensation is important, having the feeling of fulfillment with your work is also important. Being a dental hygienist allows one to impart important oral health knowledge to the community and give you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. 
  2. Stimulating work:
    The job of a dental hygienist involves interacting with people from all walks of life. It requires handling a wide range of tasks varying from assessing gum diseases to applying fluoride and checking for oral cancer to educating the patients about oral hygiene, among other things. 
  3. Great Benefits:
    Having financial and secondary needs being fulfilled is one of the main determining factors behind choosing a career. In Canada, a dental hygienist makes good money with an average salary of about $70,647 per year, which comes down to $40.18 per hour. Not only that the benefits are also good. Around 79% of the dental hygienists receive benefits from their employers. 
  4. Flexibility in working hours:
    One of the main problems with other professions like medicine, law and engineering is that the working hours are exhausting, which often translates to poor work-life balance and could potentially ruin relationships and increase your stress levels. 

Whereas the working hours of a dental hygienist are flexible. The offices are often open through the day and evening and also over the weekends, which allows you to pick a shift that suits you the best. It gives you the time to pursue personal interests and family obligations. It is up to you to decide whether you want to work full time or part-time.

  1. Self-employment:
    If you feel that you are not comfortable with being employed under someone, then being a dental hygienist opens the doors for self-employment. You could consider opening a mobile dental hygiene clinic and make rounds at community health centres, residential care facilities and other places in your community.

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