5 Ways Biogas Makes Lives Easier

Biogas is a form of biofuel that is produced naturally by organic waste decomposition. When organic matter such as animal waste decomposes in an environment with no oxygen, it releases a mixture of gases, mostly carbon dioxide and methane. Since biogas has a high methane content (between 50-75%), it is flammable and burns with a deep blue flame, thus used as a source of energy.

Biogas is known to have a friendly impact on the environment because it tackles two essential problems, i.e., the waste epidemic which is responsible for high levels of methane and the over-reliance on fossil energy to satisfy the global demand. The idea of renewable energy sources is gaining traction worldwide. Biogas production is becoming more popular, with more people opting to produce and use biogas. Biogas enriches lives and makes lives more comfortable in several ways.

Biogas is Eco-Friendly

Biogas is a clean and renewable energy source. The gas that bio digestion produces is not a pollutant and reduces the greenhouse effect or greenhouse emissions. There is no combustion in the process, which means zero greenhouse gases are emitted into the environment. This is a clear indication that using waste to produce gas as an energy form is a great way to fight global warming.

Global environmental concern is one of the main reasons why biogas use has become popular. A biogas plant reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The plants reduce methane emissions by trapping it and using it as a fuel. Biogas reduces our reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and oil, making it a renewable energy source as plants, animal waste, food scraps, etc., will always be available. MBP Solutions is a  perfect place to start if you are a novice and would like to set up a biogas plant.

Generation of Biogas Reduces Water and Soil Pollution

Landfills tend to overflow, generate foul smells and produce toxic liquids that tend to seep into underground water sources. Generation of biogas improves the quality of water by deactivating parasites and pathogen, which reduce waterborne diseases. The management and collection of waste improve in the vicinity of biogas plants, thus improving hygiene and sanitation.

Biogas Produces Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers are a by-product of biogas generation and are an excellent supplement for harsh chemical fertilizers. The digester discharges fertilizer, and it accelerates plants’ disease resilience and growth, and the chemical fertilizers have effects that are toxic and lead to food poisoning and other ailments.

 Biogas is a Cost Effective Technology

The biogas technology is very cheap, with very little investment when done in small scale, and easy to start. You can use a small bio digester at home by using animal manure and kitchen waste. The materials used at home for generation are free, the system will pay off after a while, and the gas is used to generate electricity and cooking.

If you have a farm, you can use the livestock manure produced daily, with one cow’s waste able to provide energy for lighting a bulb the whole day. Biogas in large plants can be compressed to mimic natural gas, and used for powering automobiles. Such plants do not require a lot of money to set up and create jobs in the community.

Biogas provides an Excellent Fuel Alternative For Marginalized Areas

Biogas plants in marginalized areas give women and children some respite from the task of looking for firewood, giving them more free time. Cooking with biogas also reduces the chances of smoke exposure from wood fires, preventing respiratory issues. In developing areas, a lot of people die from air pollution that is a direct influence of the lack of fuel for cooking.


Environmental degradation has been on the limelight for a long time due to air pollution caused by greenhouse gas emissions. The ozone layer is being destroyed slowly, causing climates to change and the earth’s temperature to rise.

Clean and renewable energy is one of the ways we can help take care of the environment. Biogas is cheap to set up and provides clean energy you can use for cooking, lighting and even powering an automobile.

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