5 Steps to Trust God Even When You Don’t Feel like it

If you are not a dab hand at trusting God, then you have come to the right place. This article is designed for the people who are living their lives at a low-key level and have faced so much struggle but never request prayer in front of God to support them in their hassle-situations.

There are two kinds of people who don’t trust God.

People blame God for whatever bad things have happened in their lives and never embrace God for whatever good things have happened or happening in their lives. On the other hand, there are people who blame themselves for whatever bad things have happened in their lives and give credit to themselves for whatever good things have happened or happening in their lives.

In bad moments when life goes in the downward direction, people need the help of a pure soul that comes into our lives and makes our life easier, and that soul is Lord. Your prayer and Lord will help you.

Now we are going to tell you the five steps that help you to make trust in God. So, let’s get started.

Check God Credentials

Before people trust anyone, whether a car company, doctor, teacher or real estate agent, the very first thing they do is check their credentials. People check out their feedback and find out what their friends say about them, right? The same methodology is followed here. People can find out about God and his stories in the bible. How God proves himself trustworthy can be easily found by reading Joseph’s story. You can trust God, even when you don’t feel like it or do not believe in it. He wants to help you when you trust him.

Ask for his help

When you do friendship with a stranger, and how would you examine his level of support towards you? Very simple, by asking help, right? The same thing you can follow in the process of trusting God. Ask for his help when it’s needed. When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and rescues you from all your troubles. You can also take the help of an online prayer request platform that will pray for you on your behalf and urge in front of God to rescue your trouble.

Choose to Hold on

Trust is an action word, an activity no one but people can decide to take. Nobody can do it for us, and it’s a decision people need to make in any event, when we don’t feel like it. And to trust in God they must let go of other things and just hold the trust in God.

Let Go

If you want to fully grab hold of God you need to let go of other things. Avoid all vulnerabilities from your life like fear, control, unforgiveness, and grief. Once you eliminate these things from your life the holding, the trust in God becomes stronger for you.

Keep a record

When you begin to trust in God, asking help to rescue your trouble. Just keep the record of good gestures and support that God has shown for you. For example, if you pray for your health-relevant problems and he heals it, then keep this record in mind.

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