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Home Adjustment

Outside the range of accommodation grouped into residences, MEDETIC also propose to adapt and adjust existing accommodation for home support. This solution is based on public project by National Social Agency in charge with senior council flat.

In this case, the accommodation will be equipped with home automation based on radio, wired and power line communication but actually on new information technologies such as Internet, emails and SMS.

Following accommodation installation, the continuation of services is our top priority. To proceed accordingly, the architecture is composed in a first part by touch screen PC Box connected to Internet and in a second part by an unattended automation console.

Technology is entirely non-invasive and transparency for users: no complex action is required for the use. Nevertheless, all home automation and personal computer functions are available on the television and may be control by a simplified remote or touch pad screen.

All sensors and remote control are focused on a terminal that allows to:

In order to avoid cost, sensors used are mainly provided in monitoring in particular:

Sensors may be connected by cable or radio. Consequently the efficient functions are wide including:

1. Heating management

Diary schedule, remote control access, doors and windows opening, temperature sensors…

2. Power management

In order to do energy savings.

3. Access control

Card granting access to authorized person and to follow up profile activity

4. Electric Shutter management

Automatic opening and closing shutter, enabled lightening.

5. Technical monitoring

Smoke, flood and energy detectors.

6. Activity monitoring

Movement sensors for action on lightening, alert monitoring, pets are not disturbing the sensors.

7. Physiologic monitoring

Alert in case of unusual activities.

8. Medical shared file

Edit and access to your personal medical file.

9. Phonic vocal remote control

Easy use through a microphone or wireless.

10. Video telephony

The resident may directly and visually keep contact with her family or secured used for authorized senior monitoring.

11. E-learning

Access to specific database regarding training and health information.

12. Vocal server

To address to residents recommendations, advises in home/public.